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The events and programs offered by Life Science Factory events are opportunities for you to acquire new knowledge, try out something you’ve always wanted to learn, and network with our community and experts. Take a look at our event calendar and our programs, and join us!


Accelerator programs

elsa program

The ELSA program is organized in cooperation with Fraunhofer AHEAD and Helmholtz Munich and helps life science start-ups to shape their business idea in a viable way and to take it to the next level within the shortest possible time. Selected life science start-ups receive free support in terms of technology, market and customer understanding as well as strategy and investor approach in a concentrated period of 3×2 days.

Eit health Bridgehead Europe

The Bridgehead program from EIT Health connects European healthcare entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business beyond their home market with the world's best incubators and accelerators who have the expertise and resources to make that happen.

life science valley

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs is funding a number of high-tech incubators at various locations throughout the state with the objective of accelerating the establishment of new high-tech companies in Lower Saxony, supporting innovations, and ensuring the viability of the region into the future.

Conferences & Events

Investor matching

Our Investor Days is not only a forum for sharing ideas, but also a platform for potential partnerships. Bringing together startups at the forefront of innovation in areas such as drug development, therapeutics, tools, medtech, food, agritech and more, with investors looking for promising collaborations.

Sprind podcast live on stage in göttingen

On September 06, 2023, the Life Science Factory invites innovation lovers, startup enthusiasts and visionaries nationwide when the renowned SPRIND podcast from the Federal Leap Innovation Agency will be recorded live on a stage for the first time.

Future of life sciences

The Life Science Factory established a new Vertical, focusing on the "Future of Life Sciences". The event offers insights into the market perspective, investors' point of view, new leadership lessons, and success stories from leading life science entrepreneurs in the biotech and medtech industries.

LIFT-OFF start-up competition

The LIFT-OFF start-up competition is entering its next round in 2023. This competition, sponsored by the University of Göttingen, is aimed both at people interested in creating a start-up and at active founders, in all sectors.

ELSA Pitch Bowl

Bei dem ELSA Pitch Bowl handelt es sich um das öffentliche Pitch-Event des ELSA-Programms, das von der Life Science Factory zusammen mit Fraunhofer und Helmholtz Munich am Ende durchgeführt wird.

life science start-up day

In Germany, start-ups are gaining more attention all the time, and “start-up founder” is now widely seen as a realistic career option. However, researchers and start-ups in the life sciences face special challenges when it comes to implementing technology transfer and establishing themselves in the market.

Conversation & Workshop

leading life science entrepreneurs talks

Every start-up has its own unique story to tell. As part of our "Leading Life-Science Entrepreneurs Talk" series, we speak with inspiring founders and hear exciting start-up stories that encourage listeners to found start-ups themselves, and not to give up when the going gets tough.

Young entrepreneurs in science

The aim of this program is to open up new career and development perspectives for highly qualified scientists who want to become entrepreneurs before or soon after completing their doctorate. Applying both design thinking and interdisciplinary teamwork, participants are encouraged to discover their existing skills as well as their potential.

3d printing

In this learning module, we give you a thorough grounding in the various 3D printing technologies so you can turn your ideas into reality. Whether it’s your first sample from FDM printing or high-quality functional prototypes from the polyjet printer, we cover all the 3D printing technologies available at the Maker’s Factory and give you a glimpse into the wider world of possibilities available in the field of 3D printing.

cutting & engraving

From data generation in the vector graphics program, to the cutting plotter, to the laser cutter. In this learning field we focus on the 2D area. We deal with cutting, marking and engraving a wide range of materials.

3d data generation

In our introductory program, we want to give you a solid grounding in the many possibilities within the Maker’s Factory. We want to work together in a hands-on format in four learning areas on the knowledge you need to realise your own project on this site.

cnc milling

From wood to aluminum to plastic materials; from semi-CNC entry on the shaper to CNC milling on the portal milling machine, we want to introduce you step by step to this widely used manufacturing technology. In addition to 3D printing, we offer you the possibility to realise your idea from materials other than thermoplastics.

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As part of an initiative jointly sponsored by Lower Saxony's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Housing and Digitalisation; the Ministry of Science and Culture; the NBank; the "startup.niedersachsen" initiative, and the UVN – Lower Saxony's organization of employers' and trade associations – the state of Lower Saxony will be selecting the best start-ups.

LIFT-OFF start-up competition

The LIFT-OFF start-up competition is entering its next round in 2023. This competition, sponsored by the University of Göttingen, is aimed both at people interested in creating a start-up and at active founders, in all sectors.

SynBio World Cafe

This is an annual series of events that brings together key players from science and industry to discuss the current state and the future of synthetic biology in Germany.

Past Events

Investor Days Thuringia

Thuringia Investor Days are held once a year, bringing start-ups and investors together. The aim of the event is to highlight new innovations, create new collaborations, and generate the best possible deal flow. Last year the Pitch Stage platformed as many as 36 start-ups and scale-ups.

Analytica / Finance Days

Nach der Pandemie scheint es mehr Geld auf dem Markt zu geben als je zuvor. In den letzten Jahren wurden immer größere Fonds aufgelegt und auch die finanzierten Summen werden immer größer. Gibt diese Entwicklung Anlass zur Hoffnung auf mehr Neugründungen und eine dynamischere Entwicklung der gesamten Branche?

Bits & Pretzels Healthtech

Bits & Pretzels HealthTech puts the spotlight on start-ups. It's a gathering of the best founders and investors; healthcare providers; medtech, pharma, and insurance executives; tech giants, and policy makers. The goal is to work together to shape the future of healthcare.


BIONNALE is the largest networking event for the life sciences and healthcare industry in the German capital region. We are pleased to be a Gold Sponsor again in 2023.

Life Science Day in Lower Saxony

Over the past seven years, Life Science Day in Lower Saxony has become the unmissable event where people in the life science sector from the around the state get together, and many guests from further afield are welcomed as well.

Bits & Pretzels

Bits & Pretzels is a three-day conference for folks who have founded start-ups and those who would like to, held in Munich between mid-September and early October.

Deutsche Biotechnologietage

The German Biotechnology Days will take place on 28 and 29 March 2023 in Wiesbaden. The event is a national forum for the German biotechnology sector, where entrepreneurs exchange ideas with scientists and partners from politics, funding institutions and administration.

Wildcard Challenge

Do you have a sound idea for a start-up? Is your idea embedded in the field of life sciences (biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, etc.)? Do you want to develop your idea with excellent coaches and get straightforward feedback? Then you are a perfect contestant for our Accelerator Wildcard Challenge!

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8th Workshop Plasma Medicine @ Life Science Factory

September 27, 2023 — September 28, 2023 / 12:30 pm

On September 27 and 28, 2023, the 44th workshop of the user group atmospheric pressure plasma (ak-adp) will take place with us at the Life Science Factory Göttingen. The event titled 8th Workshop Plasma Medicine "From Research to Application-Ready Therapy", is organized in cooperation with the National Center for Plasma Medicine NZPM e.V. and the Health Campus Göttingen.

The workshop will provide you with in-depth insights into a range of relevant topics: from the characterization of plasmas and the use of plasma-activated media to the latest developments and applications in dermatology, oncology and microbiological fields. Learn more about the role of plasmas in medical technology, including the introduction of new plasma sources, and participate in the presentation of recent study results.

Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and expand your network at our evening get-together. We are looking forward to your participation.


life science factory @ bio-europe

November 06, 2023 — November 08, 2023 / 8:00 am

Once a year, the biotechnological and life sciences world unites at BIO-Europe in a different major European city to do business and leverage the industry forward. From 6th to 8th November 2023 leading biotech and biopharma companies and development teams will gather in Messe Munich to realise BIO-Europe 2023. We're also excited to meet all the Life Science enthusiasts in person at the event!


elsa pitch bowl

December 07, 2023 / 6:00 pm

The ELSA Pitch Bowl is the public pitch event of the ELSA program, which is held by the Life Science Factory together with Fraunhofer and Helmholtz Munich at the end. As a further development of the former AHEAD Life Science Track, the innovative start-ups and life science projects are supported by all three partners.

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