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When you join our curated community you can meet and work with our network of thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts. Our network is focused on entrepreneurship and the world of life science. The constant interaction across disciplines within this ecosystem stimulates new ways of thinking, producing solutions that redefine and vitalize our reality.

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Our diverse community of founders in the heart of Göttingen is steadily growing. Read on to learn more about them – their stories, their successes, and their challenges. This is where entrepreneurship and scientific inquiry come together, enriching our collaborative community every day.

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Digity is a technology startup specializing on the hand with automated processes to equip the human hand with exoskeletons. Because our hands define how we interact with the world. Our mission is therefore to ensure that they are always healthy, protected and productive. Our patents and a digital background technology allow us to adapt our exoskeletons to different areas. Our startup product ARTUS addresses work safety and ergonomics of fingers in manual activities in industry and crafts. The interdisciplinary team from engineering, orthopedic technology and business administration emerged from an EXIST research transfer and wants to build a market leader from Göttingen that offers real solutions for hand-related concerns.

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Cultimate Foods

Cultimate Foods creates a game-changing ingredient based on cultivated fat in a sustainable and ethical way.
Their unique solution enriches plant-based meat alternatives with authentic taste, mouthfeel, and texture. They believe that the future of meat is hybrid – a combination of plant-based proteins and their fat alternative product.

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Globally, water-borne bacterial infections lead to half a million diarrhoeal-related deaths each year—more than 2,000 deaths every day. This is more than malaria and HIV-related deaths combined. WaterScope seeks to overcome global water inequality by breaking barriers to reliable bacterial testing. The team has developed an innovative testing device that can reliably and automatically identify bacterial presence in water in as little as 18 hours. The testing data is provided in real time and is uploaded to a central dashboard, connecting users in over 165 countries around the world.

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Ucaneo Biotech

We are building the world’s first biotechnological Direct Air Capture (DAC) system with the goal to to capture 1% of the global CO2 emissions by 2035!

Leveraging novel membranes and enzymes significantly reduces the energy consumption by lowering the conventional Direct Air Capture reaction temperature from up to 900°C to room temperature and avoiding active air intake. This enables massive cost savings and a sustainable reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

Using the most modern equipment and S1 lab as well as our makerspace we found the perfect place at the Life Science Factory to develop our biotech hardware solution.

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About 50% of all therapies have a protein component, but therapeutic protein development is very expensive and takes 2-3 years. Cinference is a life-science biotech startup that designs therapeutic proteins. Cinference’s mission is to shorten the protein development process to 1-2 months. To do this, the company uses data-efficient algorithms in combination with large AI models trained on millions of protein sequences to perform 99% of the design process digitally and optimize design parameters simultaneously. The young startup is on a growth trajectory and is hiring more biology talent to work on its first pharma partnerships. Cinference plans to move into the Life Science Factory next March and use the newly built lab.

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Curexsys GmbH – Pure to Cure

Curexsys is active in the anti-aging field and develops exosomes as innovative therapeutics to cure age-related diseases.

Curexsys is active in the anti-aging field and combats age-related defects with exosomes derived from induced mesenchymal stem cells (iMSCs).  Exosomes constitute a new therapeutic principle clearly distinct from classical small or large molecule compounds or cell therapy. They are small vesicles that are naturally released from a cell. They contain proteins, nucleic acids and metabolites, which carry information from secreting to receiving cells. Exosomes have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.

Due to increasingly aging societies, anti-aging therapies are of great interest to the pharma industry, health care providers and aging populations, and the Curexsys exosome platform will serve the arising demand of pure and functional exosomes in pharma industry. With the leading technology for highly selective and traceless purification of extracellular vesicles with low-affinity Fabs, Curexsys uses a unique technology to generate products for clinical applications, matching medical needs with increasing patient numbers in multiple disease areas.

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Redesigning drug development by continuous real-time & high-content analysis

The development and testing of new drugs through to approval are very cost-intensive. In addition, new regulatory provisions are intended to reduce the number of animal experiments in future. The biotech start-up myotwin uses stem cell-based heart muscle tissue in a specially developed measurement infrastructure. This allows a much earlier and comprehensive insight into the human reaction to an active ingredient. As a result, new active substances can be tested in preclinical trials without animal testing and safety in clinical trials can be increased. myotwin also uses its extensive data to create a digital twin of the human heart muscle in order to offer services in the field of predictive drug development in the future.

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Get expert support from our mentors and investors. Especially in the early stages, start-ups need tailored support in meeting their challenges. Our experts are successful life science founders, investors, and scientists who are always eager to share their specific expertise to sustainably boost innovative projects. 

Dr. Grit Zahn

Head of Research at Eternygen GmbH I Drug Development, Company building, technology transfer

Grit is a biochemist and has been active in drug development for more than 20 years. She has held a number of positions at many institutions and companies, working as a researcher at the Charité university medical center in Berlin; in drug development at the Jerini AG biotech company where she helped develop a product to market maturity; in technology transfer at ipal GmbH; and today at Eternygen GmbH, where she is head of research and also advises other biotech companies.

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Simona Schindler

Venture Manager I Biotech Venture Building

Simona is a Venture Manager at Blue Ribbon Partners and as such accompanies early-stage (spin-off) start-up projects from the life sciences in their strategic company development. After more than 6 years in the academic-scientific field, Simona now focuses on the interface between science & business. She has also led the design and development of the Life Science Entrepreneurship Academy in Berlin and regularly conducts workshops on “Structured Translation” and “Team Development”.

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Valentin Christian Splett

Advisor & Entrepreneur I Go To Market & Sales Scale Up for Health Technology and Life Sciences Ventures

Valentin has held leading marketing, sales and consulting positions in biotechnology and medical technology in the USA, Switzerland, and Germany for 13 years, including CCO at Ability Switzerland AG, a medical-equipment spinoff of ETHZ. He is involved in more than 200 go-to-market and sales scale-up projects in the health tech and life science sectors. Moreover, Valentin is co-founder of a new company in orthopedic surgery, lecturer at the FHGR, and board member at visionary AG.

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