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With the Life Science Factory initiated by Sartorius, we aim to promote scientific progress in the life sciences and strengthen research and development of innovative technologies with a clear focus on applications. This is why we provide open-space offices, a prototyping dry lab and a wide offer of events revolving around life science entrepreneurship for scientists and research teams who aim to take their initial steps outside of academic institutions.

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Establish Göttingen as the “location of choice” for life science startups.



Spark homegrown entrepreneurial spirit amongst researchers, identify future technologies and support life science startups.



Designed to provide a results-driven infrastructure conducive to research, collaborative work and prototype building, all embedded in a closely interlinked program of events



By 2022, approx. 3,200 m² of newly built facilities will offer state-of-the-art laboratory, multi-purpose office & event shared spaces.

Our world will be changed forever by companies that were started in a garage.

So think of all you can start accomplishing when you have a whole 600 m² available!

Event Space

Rooms with an inspiring and innovative atmosphere for events in the inner city of Göttingen: This event and workshop location offers open spaces, flexible areas and quiet zones for retreat that can be fully rearranged to meet your specific requirements.

Event Spaces


Flexible coworking in the heart of Göttingen for your project or startup: Fully equipped coworking spaces conveniently located in the center of the city will let you get started right away thanks to all the furnishings and amenities provided. Everything can be adapted to your specific needs from “mini membership” all the way to a full-fledged work area reserved for you personally.

Coworking Spaces

Dry Lab

The dry lab is our prototyping workshop equipped with a laser cutter, different 3D printing technologies and high-quality multi-tools. Our basic workshops will teach you the fundamentals you need to know about our equipment, and our membership options offer the perfect arrangements to accommodate the widest variety of projects.

Prototyping Dry Lab

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online-event: Innovation & Translation

October 06, 2020 / 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm

Online event series on licensing | patenting | spin-offs

First Event „Technology transfer as a strategy at the life science campus Göttingen“

The Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, the Universität Göttingen and the Life Science Factory offer an overview of the different support services in the Göttingen life science area in the online event series "Innovation & Translation".

The following persons will present and discuss:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brück, Executive boardmember of the UMG
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Jahn, President of the Universität Göttingen
Marco Janezic, Managing Director Life Science Factory

Further dates of the event series:
28.10.2020 Innovationsmanagement & Gründungsförderung, Uni Göttingen
25.11.2020 MBM Science Bridge
27.01.2021 SNIC Life Science Accelerator
24.02.2021 Life Science Factory
31.03.2021 Erfahrungsbericht Startup OptoGenTech GmbH


AHEAD life science track 1st Check-in - Life Science Focus

October 07, 2020 — October 08, 2020 / 9:00 am — 5:15 pm

Online Accelerator Program in cooperation with Fraunhofer Venture

In our first check-in, we focus on life science. Together with our lead coaches Grit Zahn, Thomas Reichthalhammer and Magdalena Kempa we will introduce our teams to the special mechanisms of this industry. We will be actively supported by our local partner, der Gründungsförderung der Universität Göttingen. Martin Stammann and Feodora Lenz will inform our teams about different funding models and analyze the appropriate model for each team in personal discussions. In addition, we are very pleased to have Jens-Peter Horst as an expert in the field of IP.

In addition to lectures, the check-in will mainly consist of intensive 1on1 coaching sessions, in which our teams will work with the respective experts on their challenges as needed. Our coaching crew is completed by Trent Huon, Peter Keinz and Cesare Magri.

As we decided to make the lectures within the AHEAD program public, we invite all interested people to register for the lectures.

After the lectures, there will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and enter into discussion with the speakers.

An overview of the public lectures from our 1st Check-in:

  • Entrepreneurs Journey in Drug Development - Grit Zahn
  • Medical Device - From idea to market - Thomas Reichthalhammer
  • Financing strategies: Public Funding - Martin Stammann / Feodora Lenz
  • Meaning of IP in Life Science - Jens-Peter Horst

Entrepreneur Journey in Drug Development with Dr. Grit Zahn

October 07, 2020 / 9:45 am — 10:30 am

Online keynote lecture on drug development followed by Q&A

Starting at the Charité in the fields of antibody engineering, molecular libraries and molecular evolution, our Lead Coach Grit is now Head of Research at Eternygen GmbH. In her presentation she will describe her professional career and will focus on specifics of the life science sector. All interested persons will get an insight into the challenges of founding a company and will have the opportunity to take home some important tips for their own career.

There will be also time after the lecture to ask questions and enter into discussion.
We look forward to exciting insights and invite all interested persons to follow the presentation.

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