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The independent Life Science Factory, initiated by Sartorius, promotes scientific progress and the foundation of start-ups in the life science sector. The aim is to strengthen research and development of innovative technologies with a clear focus on applications and to offer scientists the opportunity to take their first steps outside academic institutions. From january 2022, an expanded concept with state-of-the-art laboratory space will be available in the Sartorius Quarter.



The Life Science Factory, initiated by Sartorius, aims to establish Göttingen as the “location of choice” for life science startups.



Spark homegrown entrepreneurial spirit amongst researchers and provide best in class facilities to support, culture and realise tangible patient cures or new market opportunities.



The Life Science Factory location will allow occupants opportunity to research, work and build prototypes. Occupants can share innovative thoughts in collaborative and comfortable environments.



Since early 2019, >540 m2 of Maker’s Factory, coworking and event hosting space are available in Göttingen’s city centre. By january 2022, approx. 3,200 m² of newly built facilities will offer state-of-the-art laboratory, multi-purpose office & event shared spaces.

life science factory 2022

Even more comprehensive facilities and an expanded facility design are slated to be available at the latest when the Life Science Factory relocates to the newly built Factory building in the Sartorius Quarter at Weender Landstraße.

As of 2022, all this will await users of Life Science Factory in the Sartorius Quarter


  • 1.300 m² Lab Space
  • 800 m² Office Space
  • 200 m² Maker’s Factory
  • 300 m² Event & Showroom Space


  • Wet lab solutions include shared laboratory equipment, instrumentation & available research essentials
  • Maker’s Factory solutions include prototyping equipment
  • Wet lab & Maker’s Factory facilities fully serviced and supported

Environment of the Sartorius Quarter

The Sartorius Quarter is taking shape in line with the motto “Learn – Launch – Live” at the Weender Landstraße in Göttingen. This new environment offers its users optimal short- and long-distance travel connections, as well as an inspiring and ultra-modern landscape in the midst of innovative facilities, convenient restaurants and cafés, along with pleasant green spaces.

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