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The independent Life Science Factory founded by Sartorius promotes scientific progress and start-ups in the life science sector. The goal is to strengthen research and development of innovative technologies with a clear application focus and to offer scientists* the space to take their first steps outside academic institutions. Since January 2022, the Sartorius Quarter has featured an expanded concept with state-of-the-art laboratory space.



The Life Science Factory initiated by Sartorius aims to establish Göttingen as a recognized location for life science start-ups.



Our goals are to mobilize entrepreneurial forces from the ranks of Göttingen researchers, identify future technologies, and support spin-offs in order to maximize the prospects of entrepreneurial success for young life science start-ups.



With state-of-the-art laboratories and comprehensive workspaces, the infrastructure of the Life Science Factory enables users to conduct research, work and develop prototypes, thereby realizing groundbreaking innovations in the field of life sciences.



The Life Science Factory supports the start-up scene through a diverse range of events, workshops and mentoring programs aimed at strengthening the innovative power of start-ups and building valuable networks.

get to know us

We are doers, thinkers, and promoters with entrepreneurial spirit. Our team and our network are made up of life science experts and scientists, successful entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. Together we pursue the vision of establishing a sustainable life science start-up community and promoting reciprocal exchange through the innovative Life Science Factory. In every new idea, we see the minds behind it; in every project, the energy that goes into it.

»I am thrilled to be able to offer tailor-made support to founders with the Life Science Factory concept, which is unique in Europe. Through my own start-up experience, I can understand the obstacles and challenges of the founders and offer targeted support. Together with a strong network and excellent infrastructure, I would like to contribute to further promoting Lower Saxony and Germany as a start-up location in the field of life sciences.«

dr. martin strehle

Community & Venture Manager

contact for user request and the community


+49 160 931 885 75

»I would like to support the Life Science Factory in making Göttingen the central contact point for life science start-ups in Germany. Our community is already alive with a large number of start-ups that have the potential to change the world. My greatest motivation is to engage in exchange with the founders and to support them however and wherever I can.«

Max Zinowsky

Community Coordinator

contact for start-ups and community


+49 151 580 787 98

»Acting as an interface between science and industry, the Life Science Factory provides a platform for innovative thinkers to try out their ideas and turn them into products for the benefit of all. I’m excited to design lab environments that let teams focus entirely on their work. I love constructing things; bringing order to chaos through organization; establishing processes that turn ideas into reality.«

Dr. Katrin Wallbrecht

Lab Manager

contact for lab space and lab equipment


+49 160 911 220 48

»I am excited to be part of the innovation we are bringing to the German life science community with our vision. I am always eager to introduce start-ups to the concepts of additive and conventional manufacturing processes. I enjoy working with teams to get them on the path to their first functional haptic prototype.«

Maximilian Bieker

Prototyping & Operations Manager

contact for maker's factory und prototyping


+49 160 905 372 11

»We want to make the innovative and holistic Life Science Factory the location of choice for founders, researchers and scientists worldwide. I really enjoy sparking the interest of prospective partners and users, getting them excited about our concept, and exchanging ideas with company founders and supporting them with pertinent information and proposals.«

Svenja Hodel

Communication Manager

contact for communication and press


+49 151 50858994

»With the Life Science Factory and the Sartorius Quarter, a very special place has been created in Göttingen. The combination of new and historic buildings and companies offers a unique atmosphere for innovation, inspiration and creativity.

My motivation is to welcome founders* in a warm and relaxed community and to accompany them on their way.«

Vanessa Wolkenhauer

Front Desk & Operations Manager

contact for general inquiries & first point of contact


+49 151 72878144

»As the old saying goes, ‘Paths are made by walking’. We accompany founders on their ground-breaking journeys and act as sparring partners to help them grow. There are a number of closely-linked factors involved in the success of a start-up. At the Life Science Factory program, we want to do our part in the process by working with our network and our partners to offer qualification programs and mentoring around life science entrepreneurship.«

Irina Reimer

Venture Director

contact for partnerships and general enquiries


+49 175 7934152

»With our equipped spaces, complemented by our programmatic support, we have created – together with a wide range of experts & partners – an inspiring place where life science founders can focus on the evaluation & further development of their vision.
It is our intrinsic drive to support founders from different locations & disciplines of the life sciences in achieving their entrepreneurial success.«

Tatjana Kasper

Managing Director


»Innovation is a continuous motor, and has been running steadily at Sartorius for some 150 years. It is a labor of love for us to turn Göttingen, renowned for its science, into a recognized start-up location with the help of the Life Science Factory.«

Dr. Sven Wagner

Managing Director


join our team

Become a part of the Life Science Factory! A highly motivated team awaits, ready to go through thick and thin with you, at an inspiring location in Göttingen. Join us in developing a lighthouse project in the field of life science entrepreneurship in Germany.

initiative application (m/f/d)

We are always searching for personalities who fit in with us and therefore look forward to receiving your initiative application.

Your benefits

  • A responsible position with room for co-design, innovation and creativity
  • Access to a constantly growing international network of entrepreneurs, founders and experts in the field of life science
  • Active participation in the development of a flagship project in the field of life science entrepreneurship in Germany
  • A creative and motivated team and a workplace in an inspiring location

Interested and curious? Then we are looking forward to receiving your application documents to the following address career@lifescience-factory.com

Meet our community

Join our community of thought leaders, changemakers and industry experts!



In the world of science, it is important to question everything. Science revolves around posing questions and seeking answers. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the facilities, services and memberships at the Life Science Factory, as well as the entire supporting program of mentoring and coaching. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!


what does the life science factory offer?

The Life Science Factory provides infrastructure for start-ups in the life science sector. In addition to fully equipped S1 laboratories, the “Maker’s Factory” prototyping workshop, and ample coworking spaces, our extensive range of mentoring and coaching services is an integral part of what the Life Science Factory offers. Start-ups can choose from a variety of membership modules to make the best use of the Life Science Factory facilities.

who can use the life science factory? is there a selection procedure?

Are you starting a company in the life science sector? Then get in touch with Tatjana, and we will see how best to match up our services with your needs.

who is behind the life science factory?

The Life Science Factory was initiated by Sartorius to reinforce Göttingen as a science location and to promote progress and start-ups in the life science sector. The Life Science Factory operates completely independently of Sartorius.

do i have to assign shares in my company to you if i use the services of the life science factory?

No. You don’t have to assign company shares to the Life Science Factory, nor to Sartorius.

i would like to join the life science factory - how can i become part of the team?

Whenever we have job openings, you’ll find them on our website. If you don’t see a position that matches what you have to offer, feel free to send a prospective application to career@lifescience-factory.com

wet lab and maker's factory

What is the safety level of the laboratory (S1, S2)?

Security level 1, possibility to upgrade to security level 2 (for parts of the laboratory)

For which methods is the laboratory equipped?

Working with bacteria, cell lines, molecular biological, protein biochemical methods, microscopy (brightfield, fluorescence, Z-stack, life cell imaging incl. analysis)

Can I do animal testing in the lab?

No, our laboratory is not approved for animal testing.

Can I bring my own equipment?

If you use it alone in your exclusive lab, you are welcome to do so. However, you must take care of it yourself.

What services are provided by the Life Science Factory?

Autoclaving (waste and clean), rinsing/drying/sterilizing glassware, waste disposal, gown provision, storage space for chemicals (incl. documentation), storage space for samples (-80/-150°C), ice machine, use of laboratory equipment (incl. maintenance), communication with trade supervisory office (cooperation with approval/notification of changes in genetic engineering work), support in ordering system

What belongs to the basic equipment of each bench?

Pipettes (incl. stands), mini-vortexer, mini-centrifuge (without cooling), pipetting aid for serological pipettes, waste container, under-counter refrigerator and freezer (per bay = 2 benches), stands for reaction vessels (1 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml), PSA

What can I do in the Maker's Factory?

The Maker’s Factory is an open development workshop equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies to give you the opportunity to create prototypes or other complex projects.

How is the Maker's Factory equipped?

On around 200 square meters, you have access to various high-tech tools, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines and CAD software, as well as machines and hand tools for (re)machining metal and plastic. Furthermore, various electronic and assembly tools are available.


how can i access your coaches and mentors?

Are you interested in our network? Then the Community Ticket would be the best membership module for you. It gives you access to our digital community platform and allows you to network with relevant contacts. To find out more about our memberships, see Memberships.

how can i participate in events put on by the life science factory?

Check out the Events page on our website for the schedule and links to register for our public events. Are you interested in other, more exclusive events? Email us at info@lifescience-factory.com to learn more about our membership plans.

what rental plans does the life science factory offer?

We have three modular membership plans that include space rentals. Memberships can be extended or shortened in accordance with your needs. Take a look at our Memberships page, or contact us for a conversation about all the available options.

we have not founded a company yet. can we still use your facilities?

Yes! Just contact Tatjana and together we will find the best match for your needs.

where can i get more information about your facilities and memberships?

To find more details about how you can work with us, check out our Memberships page. If you’re already interested, or you need more information, you can send us an  page. If you’re already interested, or you need more information, you can send us an email or use the contact form to get in touch. email or use the contact form to get in touch.

what is your "open coworking area" like?

The open coworking area occupies an entire floor at the Life Science Factory. This is a quiet area where members can book fixed or flexible workstations. Phone boots are available, as well as larger rooms for meetings. The open space gives you the advantage of working an inspiring environment with scientists and business people from the life science sector, where you have opportunities to share your thoughts with others and get new impetus. You prefer to work alone? No problem! There are plenty of more secluded spaces, as well as other options for a more private working atmosphere – contact us to learn more about our concept and the many options available!

what counts as "life science"? can our medtech company sign up with you?

Yes! If you are not sure whether your company or your idea falls within the field of life sciences, simply contact us and we will see how our facilities and services fit in with your work!

what are the advantages of life science factory memberships?

At the Life Science Factory, you will have an innovative, state-of-the-art and inspiring place in which to work on your project or for your company. The on-site community provides opportunities for you to learn from experienced founders and exchange ideas around your project. In addition to the networking and support programs, such as coaching and mentoring, you also benefit from the facility itself: offices, prototyping, and fully equipped laboratories – with no acquisition costs! For more about the advantages that await you, check out the Memberships page on our website.

If you have any questions or would like more details, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!

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