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Our offer is as versatile as our users and visitors: Our  Maker’s Factory is an equipped prototyping workshop where you learn how to use 3D printers & prototyping tools. In our coworking space you can work in the midst of our community by yourself or with your team. Take a look at our event spaces if you are looking for meeting rooms or an event location in the city center of Göttingen.

maker’s factory

Our Maker’s Factory is an advanced prototyping workshop featuring the latest equipment and located in the inner city of Göttingen. Here is where you can work with rapid prototyping technologies and experiment to transform your initial ideas into a tangible model.

Modeling, printing, engraving, etching, cutting, soldering, reworking and post-processing – you can do all this, and more, using our professional equipment. We’ll show you the ropes in our workshops held every month on the basics.


The equipment at the Maker’s Factory in our Life Science Factory includes the following:

  • 2 CraftBot+ 3D printers (fused deposition modeling)
  • Epilog Zing24 laser cutter
  • Form2 3D printer (stereolithography printer) including washing station
  • 3D scan module
  • Further multi-tools for post-processing prototypes (such as a soldering station, files, glues, electronic components, etc.)

Prototyping material is included in the fee for monthly membership. Maintenance and servicing of the machinery is taken care of by us.

Start prototyping

Membership options
Monthly membership fee 50 € / month
Minimum term of 3 months
Are you a coworker? 30 € / month
Minimum term of 3 months

Day passes
1-day pass 15 €
One-time usage
(1 day during opening hours)
10-day pass 120 €
Time card for whole-day use during opening hours

Opening hours

Tuesdays 9 am — 5 pm
Wednesdays 9 am — 5 pm
Thursdays 10 am — 8 pm

Pros at work? Just contact us if you would like to use the Maker’s Factory for your project beyond regular opening hours.


Our workshops on the basics are designed to teach you how to use the equipment and materials in the Maker’s Factory. We offer monthly workshops on 3D printers and the laser cutter.

Are you interested in special subjects or do you need support beyond our workshops? Just contact us and we’ll get you connected with the right network of people.

Event Spaces

In the inner city of Göttingen (Friedrichstraße), we offer event spaces to accommodate up to 120 people in an area totaling 600 m² or approx. 6,460 ft². Flexible areas enable the perfect room size to be configured, offering an ideal setting to accommodate different needs and requirements. Here you will find a place to unfold your ideas.


Mobile room elements and usage

  • Large event space with glass dome to accommodate up to 120 people seated in rows
  • Quiet zone retreats in the form of small meeting rooms and phone booths
  • Mobile section walls and room dividers for subdivision into individual team spaces
  • Flexible seating arrangements in the form of wooden seating tribunes with roller castors, bean bag chairs, and armchairs
  • Catering for up to 120 people available on request
  • Use of the garden and outside area on request
  • Bar for evening events, beverage dispensers and buffet available
  • Spacious kitchen (shared with coworkers)


The standard furnishings for each event include the most advanced technical equipment and workshop instrumentation, including office equipment

  • Projectors and projection screen or computer screen with ClickShare system
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Hand-held microphone and sound system
  • Chairs and tables as needed
  • Whiteboards, flip chart boards or pin boards

Start planning


150 sqm

  • Large, bright event space with glassdomed roof
  • Seats 120 people max. in rows or in theater seating arrangement
  • Seats 75 people max. in parliamentary seating arrangement

750 € per day (net)
450 € per half-day (net)

life science factory & maker’s factory

120 sqm

  • Modern area in industrial style next to our Life Science Factory Maker’s Factory
  • Seats 30 people max. in rows
  • Seats 15 people max. in parliamentary or conference seating arrangement
  • Optional: Introductory tour on usage of the Maker’s Factory (guided by a coach; with materials provided)

550 € per day (net)
350 € per half-day (net)

projekt raum @startraum

18 sqm

  • 8–10 people max. in conference seating arrangement

200 € per day (net)
120 € per half-day (net)
30 € per hour (net)

workshop raum @factory

14 sqm

  • 6–8 people max. in conference seating arrangement

180 € per day (net)
100 € per half-day (net)
25 € per hour (net)

If you need catering and service, as well as any support for planning your event, just get in touch with our partner StartRaum, who will provide you with a customized offer.

Coworking Space

Coworking is the latest way to work within a community: Inside our shared spaces, you’ll get to make important contacts right where you work and meet a whole community of new business owners, startup entrepreneurs, free-lancers and company coworkers. Whether you prefer to work full time, part-time or just drop in for a day – our coworking arrangement is personally tailored to your needs and ready for you to get started from the word go.


We look forward to sharing the following spaces with you as a coworker:

  • Coworking spaces (specifically assigned or flexible work areas) in an innovative working atmosphere
  • Meeting and workshop rooms (as available) and phone booths
  • Spacious kitchen (with automatic coffee machine, refrigerator, cooktop and oven) & table soccer (foosball)
  • Garten with sunny and shady places in a quiet back courtyard
  • All this available with a 2-month period of notice for rental

To ensure that everything will run smoothly, we will provide the appropriate technical equipment and furnishings.


To ensure that everything will run smoothly, we will provide the appropriate technical equipment and furnishings.

  • Personal access to the building using a smart lock provided by app
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Color printers and scanners
  • Lockable cabinets (as available)


As a part of our open-minded community, you’ll

  • attend events and internal workshops free
  • receive discounts on using our Maker’s Factory workshop
  • use the StartRaum-Elektro-Smart free, depending on availability

Start Coworking

Our coworking space allows you to start right away: Discover our flexible possibilities and chose the coworking membership that fits best for you and your project!

  full membership membership mini membership Day Pass
Access to Coworking Space 24 / 7 Up to 20 hrs. / week or 80 hrs. / month Up to 8 hrs. / week or 32 hrs. / month One entire day between 8:00 am — 8:00 pm
Adjustable desks incl. office chairs       Flexible as available
Discounts on Maker’s Factory uses        
Discounts on Event Spaces        
Your own desk, including office chair and lockable roller cabinet
+ 50 €
(VAT charged extra)
  250 €
(VAT charged extra)
150 €
(VAT charged extra)
70 €
(VAT charged extra)
20 €
(VAT charged extra)

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for, or do you have any questions? Just contact us, and together we’ll find just the right solution for you.

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