fully equipped lab space

We strongly believe that fully equipped infrastructure and inspiring spaces can make all the difference for start-ups. Take advantage of our infrastructure and the services provided on the lab floors. In addition to your own bench with freezer and fridge, you have access to all of the specialized labs with their high-end equipment. 

discover our lab space virtually

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your key benefits

  • Fully equipped lab benches with your own lockable freezer/fridge
  • Access to the lab with natural light in all areas
  • Access to the very latest high-tech equipment
  • Customized labs– we make it possible to tailor lab use to your needs
  • Plug in and play – you can get started ASAP
  • A few of the services we offer:
    • Assistance in communicating with authorities(e.g. commercial regulatory offices) concerning S1/S2 projects that come under the Genetic Engineering Law (GenTG), as well as the handling of hazardous materials (storage/disposal)
    • Disposal of waste/chemicals & provision of chemicals
    • Glasswash & autoclaving
    • Equipment supervision (incl. maintenance, repairs, and instructions for use)
    • Lab coat supply and cleaning
    • Setup & access to online platforms– you benefit from our purchasing conditions, including rapid deliveries
to the offer

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selection of our equipment - for your use

When you rent space from us, you have access to a selection of our high-tech equipment. To find out more about which equipment and services will be available to you, just ask us!

The Life Science Factory offers the ideal infrastructure to grow flexibly. The number of lab benches and memberships for our team can be adjusted as needed and on a monthly basis.

Christian Wirsching
Co-Founder Cinference


questions & answers

what is the safety level of the laboratory (s1, s2)?

Security level 1, possibility to upgrade to security level 2 (for parts of the laboratory).

for which methods is the laboratory equipped?

Working with bacteria, cell lines, molecular biological, protein biochemical methods, microscopy (brightfield, fluorescence, Z-stack, life cell imaging incl. analysis).

what services are provided by the life science factory?

Autoclaving (waste and clean), rinsing/drying/sterilizing glassware, waste disposal, gown provision, storage space for chemicals (incl. documentation), storage space for samples (-80/-150°C), ice machine, use of laboratory equipment (incl. maintenance), communication with trade supervisory office (cooperation with approval/notification of changes in genetic engineering work), support in ordering system.

can i bring my own equipment?

If you use it alone in your exclusive lab, you are welcome to do so. However, you must take care of it yourself.

can i do animal testing in the lab?

No, our laboratory is not approved for animal testing.

what belongs to the basic equipment of each bench?

Pipettes (incl. stands), mini-vortexer, mini-centrifuge (without cooling), pipetting aid for serological pipettes, waste container, under-counter refrigerator and freezer (per bay = 2 benches), stands for reaction vessels (1 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml), PSA.

start your research

Interested in having the use of a laboratory? Then the All-inclusive Lab Membership is the best option for you. This gives you not only your own bench and access to all the specialized labs, but also a spot in the coworking space and free admission to our mentoring and coaching programs. For more on this and the other advantages included, click here.

If you have any questions, would like to have info sent to you, or are ready to become a member, contact Katrin to get all the details with no obligation!

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get connected

dr. katrin wallbrecht

Lab Manager

Contact for questions about the laboratory and the equipment

+49 160 91122048

Martin Strehle

Venture & Community Manager

Contact for questions about the community

+49 160 93188575

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