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Inspiring spaces for big ideas: With “coworking basic” you have a flexible workspace in a state-of-the-art environment. Ideal for immersion in the community, getting new ideas and perspectives, and enjoying interdisciplinary exchange. The coworking offering is specifically targeted towards life science founders.

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your key benefits


  • Access to the Factory community
  • Your profile on the community’s digital platform
  • Access to selected programs and events
  • Tips & tricks for founding a company, provided in both direct consultation and informational materials
  • Access to the upstairs coworking space
  • Use of the flexible workstations
  • Use of the office infrastructure
  • Monthly time contingent for meeting rooms
  • Can be terminated on just 30 days’ notice
  • Flexible options for expansion modules: prototyping workshop, fixed workstation, exclusive office, and more
to the offer


Includes a flexible workspace in an inspiring atmosphere:

  • Access to the upstairs coworking space
  • Use of flexible workstations and office infrastructure
  • Monthly time contingent for meeting rooms


Do you need a workspace of your own? Book this add-on for:

  • Fixed desk – not shared
  • Lockable mobile file cabinet

Tip: Because flexibility is important, we don’t require long notice periods when you wish to cancel a module. This makes it easier to try out whatever looks interesting – you can always change your mind later!

coworking exclusive

Do you need a separate space for your whole team? Contact us about renting an office:

  • lockable workspace for your start-up

Note: This option may entail a longer notice period for termination.


questions & answers

Do I have to be a life science start-up to use the coworking space?

To use the coworking space, you must either be part of a life science start-up or have a founding project in the life science field.

What is the coworking space equipped with?

The coworking space is located on the 1st floor and offers access to flexible and fixed workspaces, as well as an office infrastructure, including a monthly time allowance for meeting rooms of various sizes. Additionally, exclusive offices can be rented if needed.

Are desks, chairs, and other furniture available, or do I need to bring them myself?

Yes, desks, chairs, and other furniture are available. The coworking space is already equipped with everything you need for your work, so you can fully focus on your projects without having to worry about setting up your workspace.

Are there common kitchen and break areas?

Yes, there is a large common kitchen with seating for coworking members. The kitchen is equipped with a modern coffee machine, a refrigerator, a microwave, and other beverage options. Here, you can spend your breaks in a pleasant atmosphere, exchange ideas with other coworking members, and treat yourself to culinary delights.

What about storage options?

You have access to lockers in the basement and in the coworking space. Here, you can store your equipment securely.

How secure is the building (e.g. access control, cameras)?

From Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., we have a staffed reception on site. except these opening hours, the building is monitored by an alarm system and a security service. This ensures that your equipment and work are always protected.

What is included in the monthly costs (e.g. printing, copying, high-speed internet)?

The monthly costs include access to the Factory Community, a profile on a digital community platform, access to selected programs and events, tips and tricks for starting up in consulting hours and information materials, access to the coworking space on the 1st floor, use of flexible workspaces, office infrastructure, a monthly time allowance for meeting rooms, high-speed internet, printing, and copying. The Membership is flexible, with the option to cancel monthly and expand with options for using the Prototyping Maker’s Factory, a fixed workspace, or a exclusive office.

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