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As a novelty in the European media landscape, the magazine Catalyser is explicitly targeting the audience of entrepreneurs in life sciences. In the second issue, created in collaboration with the publisher BIOCOM, influential figures in the industry will have their say, exploring the potential of the innovation hub in Germany, and shedding light on current topics and backgrounds surrounding startups, grownups and technologies.

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Topics of the second issue

    Patrick Rose reveals three moonshot projects worth investing
    Barbara Stegmann: Successful founder and personal brand
    Why communication is an important key to success for startups
    When and how to pivot your business successfully
    Advantages of prototyping for life science startups
    Financing in economically challenging times
    Understanding frequently used terms of investors
link to the second issue

Germans often lack the grit and the passion to think big about something big and crazy. The sentiment is very different in other countries, such as the USA. Here, people are working on really crazy ideas.

Patrick Rose
Innovation Manager, SPRIND

As a young CEO, you have to learn quickly, understand quickly and implement quickly. It's not enough if you can do it in theory; you have to be able to apply it directly to your company.

Barbara Stegmann
CEO and Co-Founder, living brain

It's not just me as the founder who represents the company, but the company as a whole. And that's why everyone should have a say in how they would like to present themselves on social media or not.

Amelie Reigl
Biologist and Content Creator @dieWissenschaftlerin

I find it hard to understand when companies shy away from PR work even though they have already founded a GmbH and set up a website. To anyone who does this, I can say: there are a hell of a lot of journalists out there who would like to learn as early as possible that there is a team of people working on a specific topic.

Alexander Hüsing
Founder & Chief Editor,

Entrepreneurs should always inform themselves about the market’s needs and constantly think outside the box. If a pivot does have to take place, good preparation is essential. This includes analysing the market in detail and talking to experts. It is the only way to ensure that the pivot is successfulin the long term.

Siro Gotthardi
CEO, Peak Spirit

Creating tactile models is crucial not only for medtech startups but also for those in pharmaceutical development. For some users, this is their first-ever experience in a workshop. I encourage everyone new to us to try out the machines and discover their technical affinity. There's an opportunity for everyone to learn how to handle the tools in no time, whether it's a laser cutter or a 3D printer.

Maximilian Bieker
Prototyping & Operations Manager, Life Science Factory

As I said, the framework has improved but there is always space for more. Politicians who might not have been the first to spring to mind if it comes to the startup environment and conditions for a vibrant ecosystem are now very supportive. I very much wish that the public will follow and embrace the founders that want to make the future a better place.

Marco Janezic
Managing Director, Blue Ribbon Partners

A Life Science Factory like this is also a shelter, providing support and very specific help, because the combination of the open premises and the lively dialogue with the rapidly growing network of experienced coaches has created a vibrant ecosystem with very shortcommunication channels.

Grit Zahn
Head of Research, Eternygen

In the startup industry, communication as well as flexibility are important components on the path to success.

Irina Reimer, Svenja Hodel
Venture Director & Communication Manager, Life Science Factory


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding CATALYSER, feel free to contact our Communication Manager, Svenja. We look forward to your feedback!


Svenja Hodel
0151 50858994

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